Nowadays, dental tourism becomes more and more popular. What is more, there are plenty people who are interested in this form of dental treatment and who are still afraid of making the final decisions.

This article provides all the relevant knowledge for the patients who want to try dental tourism. However, it is not another advertisement which can be found online. It is a description of actual dental treatment which took place in Poland in September 2016. I have been there, I have tried the treatment and I have met the specialists.

The reasons to visit the dental clinic abroad

I have suffered from various teeth problems for a long time. I look after my teeth and I brush them regularly but some problems cannot be solved by toothbrush and toothpaste. The worst things were crooked and yellow teeth. I did not like my appearance and I preferred to stay at home rather than going out with my friends.

One day, I read about dental clinics in Poland, in Wroclaw. I check the patients’ opinions and called them to ask details. I was very surprised about the prices and the offer I received from the staff. I was able to save up to 70% in comparison to the same services in my home country. Moreover, the nice and helpful lady explained me everything and encouraged me to see the specialist online to discuss my treatment schedule.

The first appointment

I arrived in Poland on Monday morning. The taxi driver (who was dispatched by the dental clinic) was waiting for me at the airport and took me directly to the dental clinic. I did not have to wait to see the specialist because I was on time and everything went smoothly. The dentist was very kind and professional. He asked me about previous treatment took the dental x-ray and told me about details concerned the treatment in the clinic. The first impression was very great. The dentist arranged few appointments during one week of my stay in Poland.

The treatment

I have received complex help from the dental clinic. They applied various methods of treatment which were suitable for me. What is more, the treatment was completely painless and I did not feel dizzy like in similar treatments. I was always pleasant to see my dentist at the dentist’s appointments and what is more, the total cost of my treatment was lower than was estimated at first.

Something more than dental treatment

The dental tourism helped me get to know Poland better. I have visited the Wroclaw city centre and The Raclawice Panorama. I do not regret that I have chosen dental tourism in Poland.

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