Despite we live in the 21st century, more and more people suffer from the lack of the access to elementary dental treatment that should be common and free in every country, every town and village.

Unfortunately, people have to pay lots of money for the basic services such as teeth filling. What make the matter worse, more complex treatment such as dental implants and root canal treatment cost even more than few hundreds of dollars or even package holidays. As an outcome, the patients give up the dental treatment and they often lose their teeth and self-confidence as well.

Nevertheless, there is a way to start high quality dental treatment and do not ruin the home budget. It is the dental tourism.

What can you expect from the dental treatment in a foreign country?

The majority of clinics that are located abroad provide various treatments in accordance to patients’ needs. The quality of the services are at the same level or higher than in your home country. The reason to select the dental tourism are not only money but also the possibility to visit different countries, learn more about other cultures and meet new, fascinating people. Nevertheless, the majority of people select dental tourism as an inexpensive method of dental treatment.

Why can you achieve excellent quality dental treatment abroad cheaper than in your home country?

It all depends on the national currency of the given country. Some countries do not have Euro currency even when they are members of the European Union and have to meet all the European Union’s standards and regulations. A great example of such country is Poland where official currency is Polish Zloty that is four times less expensive than Euro or American Dollar. Moreover, the services are also relatively cheaper in comparison to the same treatment in the United States, Canada, Germany or the United Kingdom. Dental

The best time to visit Poland

The patients who would like to visit Poland in summer and enjoy sunny weather as well as sunbathing should choose the city located in the Northern region of Poland – Gdansk, the metropolis located by the Gdansk Bay (a part of the Baltic Sea). The city has seen numerous historical events, such as the beginning of the Second World War and the Solidarity. The patients can reach to the city using plane – there is located international airport, car – there is a motorway that links the South regions of Poland with the North, train – there are several train connections with main cities of Poland, for example Krakow and Warsaw.

Dental implants in Poland – why it is worth travel from the United Kingdom to have dental implants abroad?

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Dental implants in Poland – a possibility to have a beautiful smile without ruining your home budget.

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