Wrocław is the largest city in western Poland. It is situated on the River Odra in the Silesian Lowlands of Central Europe and it is the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Wrocław is well-known for it\’s touristic values and nightlife.


The population of Wrocław makes it the fourth largest city in Poland. Wrocław was ranked “The best city to live” in 2015, and has been mentioned as a city growing business center. It is the only Polish city that was in the top ten places to visit in the ranking of the British The Guardian.


Wroclaw is the largest city in the western regions of Poland and the fourth largest city in Poland. The city is located at the edge of the Oder River in the Silesian Lowlands. This place has won numerous awards, for example ‘Best City to live’ given by Mercer company in 2015. The metropolis was also the European Capital of Culture and the World Book Capital of 2016.

Wroclaw provides numerous possibilities to spend there a fantastic week or a weekend. While being in Wroclaw, it is worth to take a tour and discover the city. Observant walkers may notice numerous dwarfs which are presented on almost every street of Wroclaw. There are also available special map where are highlighted the places where the dwarfs can be found. However, the number of Wroclaw’s dwarfs is growing and in 2014 there were over 300 dwarfs in Wroclaw. Wroclaw is also a home of the largest and the oldest zoo in Poland. There live 12,000 animals of 1,100 species in the Wroclaw Zoo. Some popular pavilions are Africarium- Oceanarium and Madagascar.

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