Your smile is very important. It’s one of the first things you notice when you meet someone, and one of the first things people notice when they meet you. A white, bright smile makes a person look more beautiful and appealing, more confident and successful.

Our lifestyles and aging process can stain and darken our teeth. It is a normal process which is sometimes worsened by our drinking of coffee, tea, cola, red wine, or by smoking. Fortunately, stained teeth can be whitened. Dental whitening treatments are both available at our offices and can also be completed at home.

The process of teeth bleaching in Dental Corner is preceded by a consultation, during which a dentist interviews and examines the entire oral cavity. The examination is supported by the X-ray, which reveals in detail the possible caries. If there is such a necessity, the treatment  starts – healthy teeth (and gums) determine the desired effect of bleaching. The photographic documentation is also performed in order to compare results before and after bleaching.

Bleaching Beyond

The treatment lasts approx. 1 hour. The use of low temperature, cold light, reduces irritation of the nerves. Beyond is a one-time treatment, without any side effects. This system is considered the safest and the most effective way of whitening your teeth currently available on the market.

In order to maintain as long as possible the effect of teeth whitening treatment it is necessary to:

• remove the stone from the gums and the teeth
• refrain from smoking for 72 hours.
• do not drink enamel colouring beverages (coffee, tea, wine, fruit juices) for approx. 7 days
• apply so-called “white diet” (dairy, fish, rice)

After the treatment, you may experience a short-term, transient hypersensitivity of the enamel.

Bleaching at home using overlay rails

Home bleaching method is performed by the patient at home, under the supervision of a dentist. Bleaching, depending on the concentration of the preparation may be at night or daytime.

• the first step is to make impressions in order to fix individual rails for whitening, which are made in the dental laboratory;

• after receiving overlays, a doctor checks that they adhere properly and cover all surfaces of the teeth. The patient obtains a bleaching  gel and detailed instructions for the use. Depending on the degree of staining, an individual treatment regime is recommended, which may last from 7 to 14 days. For antibiotics-caused discolourations, the  treatment time may be extended to three weeks.

Bleaching of dead teeth

It is a procedure performed in a dental office, the number of visits depends on the degree of tooth discoloration and it usually ranges from 2 to 4 visits in a few days apart. X-rays are taken before the treatment to evaluate root canal treatment and its tightness.  The bleaching preparation is then introduced into the tooth, and temporary filling is made during the whitening process. After completion of the treatment and achieving satisfactory results, the final filling is mounted.  Internal bleaching is also used in patients who developed a tooth discoloration  in the cervical area of the root portion, which prevented from mounting a crown,  especially in the front. Incisors  are mainly teeth subjected to internal bleaching.

During surgery, whitening, there is an opportunity to relax. In the Dental Corner, we offer video glasses through which you can watch movies and concerts or listening to relaxing music.

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